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Discover the new Christmas Edition box set! 

to make this period even more magical, we have slipped 3 golden tickets into the kong christmas cases !


On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, rich in tradition, we wanted to put symbolism at the heart of this edition. As a tribute to Richard Orlinski's most emblematic work, a Kong will appear in the "Christmas Edition" collector's box set.

We had announced the discontinuation of the 13 cm Kong Spirit. To satisfy and surprise you, the 19 cm Kong Spirit is back, bigger, stronger and more iconic than ever. An iconic edition, a return to tradition.

The signature piece dressed in the artist's iconic colour. The Kong Christmas (Red Edition) is flaming red!

Red, as a nod to the artist's first sculpture and to the beautiful Christmas season. An edition that makes sense.


Dimensions :

19cm height x 13,5cm width x 6cm depth

Weight :

1,5kg (packaging included)

Material :